Which Far Cry 4 Ending Did You Like the Most?

Whether you were playing Far Cry 4 on PC or on PS4, there were plenty of different endings to choose from. There were alternative endings, such as the secret one and the ending where Pagan Min wins. However, the main question you may be asking is which of these different endings did you like the most?

Alternative endings

Besides the standard Far Cry 4 ending, there are several other endings that can be obtained. This includes a super secret one. If you want to get it, you’ll have to play the game for 15 minutes or so.

The super secret one is only available if you have an RPG. The other three are fairly simple. Each of them requires playing the game for about 30 minutes. There’s no need to get them all, but if you have the time, it’s worth a try.

The Far Cry 4 super secret one is the main event, but not the only one. There’s a more conventional one as well. In that one, Ajay Ghale kills the leader of the opposing faction and prevents Sabal from marrying her daughter, Bhadra.

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It’s not as impressive as the other two, but it’s the newest gimmick in the Far Cry series. There’s an alternate Far Cry 6 ending, too.

Pagan Min’s victory

During his regime, Pagan Min ruled over Cambodia and Kyrat. He was backed by a triad of Chinese mercenaries, who were loyal to him. He was also targeted by rivals. His style of violence is similar to Pol Pots.

Pagan Min was a former opium-dealing criminal. He later became a gangster in his father’s triad. He built a large private army and built up considerable assets.

He ran an authoritarian narco-state in Kyrat. His inner circle was a group of mostly ethnic Chinese. His style of violence and ruthlessness was reminiscent of Pol Pot. He was a flamboyant figure. His father called him a dinosaur. He was eventually killed by his own father, who confronted him for his violent behavior.

The rebels are mainly good people who are trying to save Kyrat. They complain of a lack of weapons and supplies. They are sometimes blindly devoted to Amita, the rebel leader.

When Pagan was trying to reach a peace agreement with the opposition forces, Ishwari Ghale sparked his interest. The two met in a bar. Ishwari suggested that they talk to Pagan. Initially, Pagan refused to meet. However, Ishwari convinced Pagan to negotiate a peace settlement.

Ludonarrative dissonance

During the first few years of the video game industry, the term ludonarrative dissonance was a buzzword that journalists flocked to. The term was a play on the ‘ludo’, a Latin word meaning play. It was often used to describe the disconnection between story elements and gameplay.

Ludonarrative dissonance is a problem in game design. Games are still figuring out how to tie together narrative and gameplay. The best games have gameplay that is fun and entertaining. However, the most important part of any game is not the graphics or the plot. It’s the mechanics.

In Far Cry 4, Ajay Gale was a confused character. The Ludonarrative Dissonance Trophy was awarded to players who defeated 1000 enemies.

Bioshock Infinite is another poster child for ludonarrative dissonance. Bioshock was heavily criticized for its ludo. It is not a bad game, but its ludonomy was sloppy. It is not even the best game in the series.

Getting the secret ending

Getting the secret Far Cry 4 ending has been a question on many players’ minds. While the official trailer has not shown any details, Eurogamer’s Ian Higton has put together a video that shows a potential ending for the game.

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In the video, Dani is seen on a beach enjoying a peaceful life. She is also seen listening to a news report. Then, she is asked if she wants to get on a boat. She responds that she wants to go to America. Then, she fades to black. The player must then take out Castillo’s warships. After that, they will be escorted to an early Far Cry ending.

The first secret ending is found during the first 15 minutes of the game. At that time, Pagan Min will show up. He will then leave the player alone for a few minutes and then return. During that time, Ajay’s mother will be brought to the player and he will explain that Ajay’s father is dead. He also shows the memorial to Ajay’s half-sister.

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